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Charter: Mid-Single-Digit Underlying Growth; Likely Reacceleration in 2024

Librarian Capital's Monthly Ranked Top Buys - December 2023

Librarian Capital's Monthly Ranked Top Buys - November 2023 (Extracts Only)

Intuit: Solid Q1 FY24, But Valuation Getting Stretched

Rémy Cointreau: New Multi-Year Low with Weak Near-Term Outlook

Imperial Brands: Rising Risk of Disappointment After FY23

Diageo: Profit Warning, Mid-Term Outlook Cut, Return to 2018 Levels; Time To Buy

Rightmove: Reassessing after CoStar Entry & Lindsell Train Speculation

Mastercard: Consistent Double-Digit Growth, Still Reasonably Priced

PayPal: Stable Q3, New CEO Has Started Fixing Things

Estée Lauder: Recovery Again Postponed; Stock Back to 2017 Levels, Unfairly

NatWest: 0.7x TNAV, 8.7% Dividend Yield after Q3 Results

Altria: When the Theatre Manager Shouts “Fire” (Q3 Results)

RTX: “Powdered Metal” De-Risked Further & New $10bn Buyback

Alphabet: Core Ad Revenue Growth Back to Normal in Q3

Philip Morris: Positive Q3; Putting That 1.5% FCF/Share CAGR in Context

Bank of America: Stable Q3, 8.5x P/E Even with Basel III Endgame

British American Tobacco: New FDA Ban on Vuse Alto Menthol Variants Means Little

Philip Morris: Even More Bullish After Investor Day

Librarian Capital's Monthly Ranked Top Buys - October 2023

Croda: Back to May 2020 Levels on 24x Trough Earnings

Kone: Upgrade to Buy on Better Earnings & Lower Share Price

Otis: Down 10% Since July; China & Macro Fears Overstated

Rémy Cointreau: Top Spirits Franchise, Back to July 2020 Levels

RTX: One-Off “Powdered Metal” $3bn Hit Wipes $14bn Off Market Value

Direct Line: Still in “Too Hard” Bucket After H1, Despite <10x P/E

Librarian Capital's Monthly Ranked Top Buys - September 2023

Charter: FAQ on Disney “Blackout”; “Not a Classic Carriage Dispute”

Pernod Ricard: Near 52-Week Low After FY23 Results

Diageo: Shares Fell Again After FY23 Results, Cheap at 20x P/E

Intuit: Double-Digit Growth Again in Q4 FY23, But 36x P/E

PayPal: Investors Gave Up Again After Q2 Results; You Shouldn't

Admiral: Only Way is Up After H1 Results

Estée Lauder: Near COVID-19 Low After Q4 FY23 Results

Rightmove: Return to 10%+ EPS Growth in Sight After H1

Altria: Which Matters Most? H1's 10% Volume Decline, 5% EPS Growth or 9x P/E?

British American Tobacco: Stable H1 Headlines, Some Worrying Signs But 7x P/E

Charter: Continuing to Turn the Corner in Q2; Reiterate Buy

Microsoft: Strong FY23 Finish, But Down 6% Since Results

RTX: FAQs on “Powdered Metal” Issue After Shares Crashed 10%

Philip Morris: Q2 Strong on Nearly All Fronts, Still 5%+ Dividend Yield

Bank of America: Stability Shown in Q2, P/E Still Less Than 10x

JPMorgan: Q2 2023 Over-Earned, But Stock is Still Attractive

Librarian Capital's Monthly Ranked Top Buys - July 2023 (Corrected)

Visa: Up 15% Year-To-Date, With More Upside to Come

Diageo: P/E at 20x Again Ahead of FY23 Results

Sabre Insurance: Shares Halved Since COVID, But Not Cheap Enough

Fund Manager Comments: Is Another Correction Coming & What to Do About It

Croda: Cheapest Since 2020 as Sales Hit Post-COVID Cyclical Lows

Admiral: 6% Fall After Citi Downgrade is Another Opportunity

Librarian Capital's Monthly Ranked Top Buys - June 2023

Intuit: Down 7.5% After Q3 FY23 Results, Despite Raised Guidance

Mastercard: Still Attractive Despite Recent 52-Week High

Home Depot: Compounder Now Pricing In Mild Recession; Initiate at Buy

Imperial Brands: Structural Headwinds Back in H1 FY23

Fund Manager Comments: Search, Research & Artificial Intelligence

Rémy Cointreau: 26% Down Since Start of 2022 on U.S. Cyclical Fears

PayPal: Q1 Worse Than Headlines, But 16% Crash Was Unfair

Lloyds: Evident Stability in Q1 Results, 8.4x Normalized P/E & 5%+ Dividend Yield

Estée Lauder: Shares Fell 17% as Q3 FY23 Revealed Past Mistakes

Charter: Solid Progress in Q1 After Shares Collapsed in 2022

Microsoft: Shares Over $300 Again After Q3 FY23 Results, Now What?

Altria: Cigarette Volume Fell 11% in Q1, But Dividend Yield Now 8%

NatWest: Below Tangible Net Asset Value Again After Q1 Results

Otis: Strong Maintenance Growth Drove Solid Q1 & Likely Mid-Teens IRR

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Alphabet: Amid Weak Macro, Resilient Q1 & Growing Self-Help

Raytheon: Mixed Q1 Results from a Long-Term Compounder

American Express: Staying Away from This Buffett Stock After Q1 Results

Philip Morris: Q1 Weak as Guided, Stronger Growth & Margins in Rest of 2023

Bank of America: Q1 Results Dispel Fears on Deposits & Bond Portfolio

Fund Manager Comments: Banks, Banks, and More Banks

JPMorgan: Strong Q1 Results, Raised FY23 Outlook, Still 10.6x P/E

Tesco: Revisiting this Classic Value Stock after FY23 Results

Tobacco Stocks: The New "Cigar Butts"?

Librarian Capital's Monthly Ranked Top Buys - April 2023

5 Questions To Determine This Substack's Future (Poll)

American Express: Down 11% In A Month, Maybe Unfairly

Hershey: Good Category, Resilient Growth, But Too Expensive

KONE: No Longer a Buy as Recovery is Again Postponed

Intuit: Strong Business Benefiting From Lower Interest Rate Outlook

Altria: Multiple Disappointments from Investor Day

Brown-Forman: Near 52-Week Low, But Not Cheap Enough

Librarian Capital's Monthly Ranked Top Buys - March 2023

L'Oréal: Further Upside After Strong 2022

Direct Line: Too Much Uncertainty, Even For 5x 2019 EPS

Bank of America: Ignore the $114 Billion "Unrealized Losses"

Fund Manager Comments: Fundsmith 2023 AGM Notes

Admiral: Shares At 16x 2022 EPS, Likely The Trough This Cycle

Rightmove: 10%+ EPS Growth, But Only After 2023

Altice USA: Why It Will Not Be Acquired By Comcast

Comcast: Still Cheap After Good Cable Growth In Q4 Results

Estée Lauder: Down 11% In A Month Since Q2 FY23 Results

Fund Manager Comments on Inflation, Public vs. Private Investing, Small Caps & Diageo

Altria: Buying NJOY Would Likely Bring No Joy

Ansys: Solid Q4, But Not Worth 11% Rise To 37x Non-GAAP EPS

Altice USA: Declines Slowed In Q4, New CEO Making Changes

Lloyds: Good 2022 Results, Raised Mid-Term Outlook, But 7x P/E

Librarian Capital's Monthly Ranked Top Buys - February 2023

PayPal: Back To Multi-Year Lows After Q4 2022 Results

NatWest: Down After FY22 Results, <10x P/E & 5% Dividend Yield

Pernod Ricard: Strong H1 FY23 Results, Still 21x P/E

Imperial Brands: Troubling Read-Across From Peers' Q4 Results

Zoetis: Back On Track In Q4, Regaining Premium Valuation

Pernod Ricard: Attractive At 23x P/E Before Likely Strong H1 FY23 Results

Philip Morris: Solid Q4, Multiple Growth Drivers For 2023 Onwards

British American Tobacco: Combustible Volumes Fell Double-Digits in U.S. & Europe

Charter: Positive Trends In Q4, But Patience Needed

Otis: Solid Q4, More High-Single-Digit EPS Growth Guided In 2023

Alphabet: Mixed Q4 Results Represent Start of Changes

Meta Platforms: What A Difference Q4 Made; Now 20x P/E

Altria: Earnings Growth Despite Bad 2022 Macro, But Little Other Good News

Diageo: Fears Of U.S. Slowdown After H1 Creating A Bargain

Raytheon: Travel Recovery Offsets Q4 Bad News In Defense & Tax

Visa: Strong Q1 FY23, Still Less Than 30x P/E

Mastercard: Double-Digit Growth In Q4 & Likely Beyond

Microsoft: Looking Past Share Volatility After Q2 FY23 Results

Fund Manager Comments on 2022 Mistakes, Meta Platforms & Unilever (Correction)

Lloyds: Still 10x P/E & 4%+ Dividend Yield After Recent Rally

Bank of America: Q4 Worse Than JPMorgan's But Stock Is Cheaper

JPMorgan: Steady Q4 & Well-Prepared For 2023

Admiral: Investors Over-Reacting To Direct Line Profit Warning

Hargreaves Lansdown: Changes Coming, But Not Clearly Enough

Librarian Capital's Monthly Ranked Top Buys - January 2023 (Part III)

Librarian Capital's Monthly Ranked Top Buys - January 2023 (Part II)

Librarian Capital's Monthly Ranked Top Buys - January 2023 (Part I)