Sitemap - 2021 - Librarian Capital's Research Library

Zoetis: Record Share Price & 52x P/E May Not Last Into 2022

Librarian Capital Monthly Portfolio Update - November 2021

Reading Highlights: "Amazon Unbound" by Brad Stone

Is Mastercard Stock A Buy Or Hold During The Dip?

Swedish Match: Strong Smokefree Beneficiary On Sale At 18.6x P/E

Otis: Strong Q3 Results, China Slowing But Likely Just Temporarily

British American Tobacco: H2 Update Confirmed Stability & Capital Returns; 7.8% Dividend Yield

Charter: Shares Down 10% After Over-Reaction To Conference Comments

Altice USA: 2021 Outlook Cut Again; Shares Near All-Time Low

Librarian Capital Monthly Update - October 2021

Librarian Capital's Monthly Top Buys And Price Moves - December 2021

Henkel: Shares Down 25% Since June, Low-Teens Annualized Returns On Forecasts

Philip Morris: CFO on IQOS Chip Shortage, ILUMA, Vapor/Pouches, ITC Ruling & Buybacks

Comcast: Q3 Results & Omicron Correction Mark The Bottom

3 Omicron Stocks: Philip Morris, Raytheon & Unilever

ANSYS: Shares Continuing To Lag After Q3 Results; Still Too Expensive

Root: 85% Down From IPO After Q3 Results, But Still Too Speculative

Genus: Trading Update & Pig Market in China

Visa: How Will Amazon Ban In U.K. Impact Business Outlook?

Fund Manager Comments on Payments, Consumer Staples, Restaurant Brands & BT

Unilever: Q3 Still Distorted By COVID; Be Patient With 3.7% Dividend Yield

Librarian Capital's Monthly Top Buys And Price Moves - November 2021

Visa/Mastercard: Why They Will Stay Relevant in the "New World"

Visa: Amazon To Stop Accepting UK Visa Credit Cards in 2022

Imperial Brands: FY21 Results Gave Little Support To Buy Case

PayPal: 32% Down From Peak After Q3 Results, With Potential To Double

Altice USA: Downgrade To Neutral As Investment Case Broke In Q3

Altria: New U.S. Tax Proposal Would Protect Cigarettes, Buy

Raytheon: Q3 Results Meant Lower Full-Year Sales But Higher Earnings

Estée Lauder: Double-Digit Sales Rebound In Q1, More To Come In FY22

Swedish Match: Q3 Nicotine Pouch Strength Hidden By Post-COVID Weakness In Older Products

Charter: Stock Could Double After COVID-Related Q3 Deceleration

Mastercard: Strong Q3 Results Even As Stock Fell 17% Since Summer

Altria: Investors Overreact As Volume Declines Normalized Upwards In Q3

Visa: Unjustified 7% Correction After Strong Q4 FY21 Results

Alphabet: 80%+ EBIT Growth In Q3 Unaffected By iOS 14 Or Macro Issues

Microsoft: Strong Start To FY22 With Q1 Beating Guidance Significantly

Facebook: Q3 Reversal & Strategy Changes Indicate Potential Bottom

British American Tobacco: Well-Covered 8%+ Dividend Yield & Re-Rating Potential

American Express: Volume Recovering But Costs Rising Faster In Q3

AT&T: Q3 EBITDA Down In All 3 Key Segments; Avoid

Facebook: Highlights from Snapchat's 22% Price Decline Post Q3 Results

Verizon: Solid Q3 Made 10x P/E & 4.9% Dividend Yield A Bargain

Philip Morris: Strong Q3 Growth Despite Temporary Chip Shortage

Bank of America: Q3 Call Highlights on Economy, 2022 Outlook, Op. Leverage & Tapering

Bank of America: Net Yield & Loan Growth Turned The Corner In Q3

JPMorgan: Q3 Call Highlights on Card Marketing, IB Revenues, Tapering & Inflation

JPMorgan: Too Expensive As Post-COVID Deceleration Continued In Q3

Facebook: Still A Buy After Recent Whistleblower & Outage Pressures

Comcast & Charter: Raymond James Downgrade Today and Our Response

Rightmove: Dominant U.K. Property Portal Upgraded To Buy With 10% IRR

Librarian Capital Monthly Update - September 2021

Librarian Capital's Monthly Top Buys & Price Moves - October 2021

Altria: Relative Winner From U.S. Tobacco Tax Proposals; Now 8% Dividend Yield

PayPal: CEO Talks BNPL, Paidy, Vision & Bank Partners at JPM Conference

Charter: Sector Fears Misplaced; 12% Fall Means Potential 18% Annualized Return

Imperial Brands: Not Getting Better; Avoid Its 6x P/E And 9% Dividend Yield

Comcast: CEO Talked Hardware, Verizon MVNO, Peacock & Sky at GS Conference

Altice USA: Now A Turnaround Play With Low-Teens FCF Yield

Swedish Match: Cigars Spin-Off And FDA E-Vapor Action Help Low-Teens Return

AT&T: CEO Shared Aggressive Fiber Vision at GS Conference

Diageo: Recovery Potential Remains After FY21 Rebound, 2.1% Dividend Yield

Verizon: CEO Talked Q3, Fixed Wireless, Competitiveness & KPIs at GS Conference

JPMorgan Chase: Shares Flat While Earnings Normalize Lower; Reiterate Neutral

Comcast: Q3 Net Adds Slowdown Does Not Justify 7% Correction

American Express: Consumer Head Talked PayPal, BNPL & Debit at Autonomous Conference

Verizon: New Spectrum Drives Low-Teens IRR; Current 4.6% Dividend Yield

Charter: CFO Reiterated FY21 Outlook & Strategy at BofA Conference (on Monday)

Comcast: CFO Talked Q3 Slowdown at BofA Conference, Shares Down 5%+

Mastercard & Visa: CFO Comments at DB Conference (Free on Substack)

Philip Morris: Shares Down 3% After CFO Comments at Barclays Conference (Substack Exclusive)

Librarian Capital's Monthly Top Buys And Price Moves - September 2021 (Preview)

Librarian Capital Monthly Update - August 2021

PayPal: Surprise eBay Losses In Q2, But Long-Term Vision On Track (Preview)

Intuit: Strong FY21 Results Took Shares To 60x P/E (Preview)

Librarian Capital Monthly Update - July 2021

Comcast: Cable Stronger Than Expected In Q2, Media Businesses Progressing (Preview)

Estée Lauder: Strong FY21 Finish; Double-Digit Growth Resuming (Preview)

Henkel: Mixed Progress In Q2 But Heading In Right Direction (Preview)

Librarian Capital's Monthly Top Buys And Price Moves - August 2021 (Preview)

Visa: 7% Dip Since Q3 Results As Post-COVID Potential Overlooked (Preview)

Altice USA: 16% Correction Was Overreaction To Q2 Broadband Stability (Preview)

Hargreaves Lansdown: Bad News Priced In With FY22 Guidance; Rebound Ahead (Preview)

Root: Major Reversals In Growth And Loss Ratio In Q2 Results (Preview)

Metromile: Weaker Q2 And Lower Outlook Sent Shares Down 20% (Preview)

Zoetis: Growth To Normalize After Q2; Overvalued At 48x P/E (Preview)

Ansys: Q2 Rebound, But Single-Digit EPS Growth And 52x P/E (Preview)

Unilever: Macro Weakness In H1 Will Pass; 3.6% Dividend Yield (Preview)

Charter: Q2 Internet Net Adds Above 2019, Multi-Year Growth Continuing (Preview)

L'Oréal: Strong Q2 Rebound From Prior Year Trough, But 51x P/E (Preview)

British American Tobacco: Mixed H1, But Attractive At 8.0% Dividend Yield (Preview)

Mastercard: Volume Now 30% Above 2019, Strong Earnings Rebound To Come (Preview)

Facebook: Strong Q2 Results Unfairly Punished With 4% Dip (Preview)

Charter: 21Q2 Results (Free on Substack)

Altria: Q2 Strong Cigarette Trends More Than Offset Other Setbacks (Preview)

Alphabet: Ad Revenues Up 69% And EBIT Tripling In Q2 2021 (Preview) (Corrected)

Microsoft: Q4 Shows Double-Digit Growth Continuing Beyond FY21 (Preview)

Raytheon: Strong Sequential Recovery In Q2, Driven By Airlines (Preview)

Otis: Strong Q2 Means Likely 15-16% EPS Growth In 2021; Buy (Preview)

American Express: Q2 2021 Was Better But Not Good Enough (Preview)

Kone: Broad-Based Structural Growth Resumed In Q2; Buy (Preview)

AT&T: Q2 2021 Results Showed Little Improvement; Avoid (Preview)

Swedish Match: Q2 2021 Results Confirm U.S. Nicotine Pouch Potential (Preview)

Philip Morris: Strong Q2 Results, 2021 Outlook Raised Again (Preview)

Zoetis: Downgrade To Neutral After Record High, 44x P/E (Preview)

Bank Of America: Strong Operating Trends Continued In Q2 (Preview)

Altria: Dividend Now Even Safer With Non-Core Disposals (Preview)

Philip Morris: Reviewing Vectura And Fertin Pharma Acquisitions; Reiterate Buy (Preview)

Librarian Capital Monthly Update - June 2021

Librarian Capital's Monthly Top Buys And Price Moves - July 2021 (Preview)

Hargreaves Lansdown: Investment Case Still On Track; 2.9% Dividend Yield (Preview)

AT&T: The Risks Are Too High (Preview)

Pernod Ricard: Reopening Now Priced In, Downgrade To Neutral (Preview)

American Express: We Missed The Bottom, Now It's Too Expensive (Preview)

Admiral: 5% Dividend Yield And Multi-Year Compounding Ahead (Preview)

Henkel: Turnaround Not Priced In, Still Cheaper Than Peers & History (Preview)

Librarian Capital's Monthly Top Buys And Price Moves - June 2021 (Preview)

Librarian Capital Monthly Update - May 2021

British American Tobacco: Solid H1 And Still A 7.7% Dividend Yield (Preview)

Ansys: 10% Decline Year-To-Date, But Still Not Cheap Enough (Preview)

Altice USA: 10% Fall Since AT&T's Warner Spin-Off News Was Overreaction (Preview)

Kone: Resilient Through 2020, Long-Term Growth Drivers Intact (Preview)

Visa: Volume Recovery Continued Accelerating In May (Free on Substack)

Visa: EPS Likely To Reach Turning Point And Grow 20% In Q3 (Preview)

Metromile: Good Progress In Q1, But Still Above 10x Premiums (Preview)

Imperial Brands: Turnaround Unproven; 8.5% Yield Not Enough (Preview)

Intuit: With Strong Q3, New FY21 Guidance Gives 19% EPS Growth (Preview)

Intuit: Q3 FY21 Results Quick Read (Substack Exclusive)

L'Oréal: Record High Takes P/E To Near 50x; Downgrade To Neutral (Preview)

Imperial Brands H1 FY21 Earnings Call Notes (Substack Exclusive)

Unilever: Sales Growth Rebounded In Q1; 3.4% Dividend Yield (Preview)

Philip Morris: U.S. Ruling Against IQOS Has Little Impact (Preview)

Root: Solid Q1 Earnings Yet Down 67% From IPO, Not Stabilizing (Preview)

Swedish Match: Nicotine Pouches Growing Again In Q1, EPS Up 36% (Preview)

Xero Limited FY21 Results Quick Read (Substack Exclusive)

Librarian Capital Monthly Update - April 2021

Librarian Capital's Monthly Top Buys And Price Moves - May 2021 (Preview)

Comcast: Q1 2021 Was Another Step In Long-Term Compounding (Preview)

Zoetis: 3.7% Dip Despite Strong Q1 And Raised 2021 Outlook (Preview)

PayPal: Record Q1 Results, Higher Full-Year Outlook (Preview)

Zoetis: Q1 2021 Results Quick Read (Substack Exclusive)

PayPal: Q1 2021 Results (Quick Read) (Substack Exclusive)

PayPal: 20% Down From Peak, Attractive Ahead Of Q1 Results (Preview)

Estée Lauder: COVID To Blame For Weak Q3 FY21 And 8% Correction (Preview)

Charter : Stable Q1 Net Adds, Cash Flow Up Double Digits (Preview)

Estée Lauder: Q3 FY21 Results Quick Read (Substack Exclusive)

Mastercard: Revenue Growth Resumed In Q1, 10%+ Annualized Return Ahead (Preview)

Charter: Q1 2021 Results Quick Read (Free on Substack)

Altria: On Sale Again After Q1 With 7% Dividend Yield And 11x P/E (Preview)

Swedish Match: Q1 2021 Results Quick Read (Substack Exclusive)

Facebook: Strong Rebound In Q1, Multi-Year Compounding Ahead (Preview)

Altria: Q1 2021 Results Quick Read (Substack Exclusive)

Microsoft: Strong Q3 FY21, Post-COVID Growth Will Be Fine (Preview)

Alphabet: 34% Revenue Growth & EBIT Doubling In Q1 2021 (Preview)

Raytheon: Dividends & Buybacks Raised After Q1, Buy Case On Track (Preview)

Hargreaves Lansdown: #1 U.K. DIY Investor Platform Still on Sale (Substack Exclusive)

American Express Q1 2021 Results Quick Read (Substack Exclusive)

Pernod Ricard: Q3 FY21 Rebound Shows Post-COVID Potential

Philip Morris: All Growth Drivers On Track In Q1 2021

Philip Morris Q1 2021 Results Quick Read (Substack Exclusive)

Bank Of America: Upside Potential Still Strong After Q1 2021

JPMorgan Chase: Q1 2021 Results In Line With Neutral Thesis

Librarian Capital Monthly Update - March 2021

Otis: Resilient In 2020, Recovery Expected In 2021

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