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Kone: Up 33% From October Lows, Now Even More A Bet On China

Reading Highlights: "Shoe Dog: A Memoir by the Creator of Nike"

Otis : Strong Elevation After Q3 Results Should Continue

Charter: Market Is Wrong To Panic After Investor Day

Ansys: Double-Digit Topline Growth, But Still Too Expensive

British American Tobacco: Stock Down After Stable FY22 Update; 9x P/E

Bank of America: Bargain at 10x P/E After 13% Decline in December

Diageo: Solid Blue Chip Growth Stock Down 14% Year-To-Date

Intuit: High-Teens EPS Growth Expected In FY23 Despite Worsening Macro In Q1

Verizon: Cheaper Than AT&T After Weak Q3, Potentially Unfairly

L'Oréal: Stock Still Down 13% Year-To-Date Despite Strong Q3

American Express: Shares Continue To Disappoint After Q3

Visa: Cheap at 28x P/E, After Double-Digit Growth Again in FY22

Comcast: A 10x P/E 'Value' Stock After Weak Q2-Q3 Results

Imperial Brands: FY22 Results May Be The Calm Before The Storm

Estée Lauder: Poor Q1 FY23 Results, Much Worse Than Peers

Altice USA: 17% Bounce In Two Days Despite Weak Q3 Results

Zoetis: EPS Down In Q3, But Only Due To Currency & Supply Chain Disruption

Raytheon: Mixed Q3 Due To Supply Chain Issues, But Improving

PayPal: Q3 Turnaround & Apple Win, But E-Commerce Slowing

Mastercard: Low-Teens EPS Growth in Q3 Despite Headwinds; Cheap at 29x P/E

Altria: Temporary Q3 Weakness, Permanent Strategic Missteps

Microsoft: Double-Digit Growth Again In Q3, Excluding Currency

Charter: Stability In Q3 Results, 10%+ Free Cash Flow Yield

Meta Platforms: Okay Q3 Results, Terrible Investor Messaging

Alphabet: Ad Market Slowed In Q3 But Costs Have Not Yet Adjusted

Philip Morris: Solid Q3 Results, But High U.S. Re-Entry Costs

JPMorgan: Q3 Was The Calm Before The Storm, But Don't Worry

Tesco: Classic "Value" Stock With 10x P/E & 5.8% Dividend Yield

Charter: Unfairly Punished In September Market Correction

Swedish Match: Many Moving Parts Around Philip Morris Offer, But Limited Near-Term Upside

Mowi: Long-Term Compounder, Hit By Proposed New Salmon Tax

Admiral: Unfairly Dragged Down By U.K. Politics & Peer Results

News Corp: Near 52-Week Low Again Despite Solid FY22

Imperial Brands: Likely Good News On October 6 But Still One To Avoid

Henkel: Not Cheap Enough Ahead Of Capital Markets Day

ANSYS: Near April 2020 Low Even With Ambitious New Mid-Term Targets

American Express: Should You Buy Into The 10%+ Rally Since July?

British American Tobacco: Headwinds Gathering Since H1, But Cheap With 6%+ Dividend Yield

L'Oréal: Outgrowing Peers & Benefiting From Currency Tailwinds In H1 2022

Schroders: Downgrade To Hold Despite 10.6x P/E & 5.5% Dividend Yield

Otis: The Better Elevator Stock, As Confirmed By Strong H1 Results

Kone: Shares At 5-Year Lows; Q2 May Mark The Bottom

Visa: Potential To Double Your Money In 3 Years

Estée Lauder: COVID In China Drove Weak Q4 FY22 Results & FY23 Outlook

Intuit: Strong FY22 Finish & Reassuring FY23 Guidance

Raytheon: Shares Weak Since Q2 Results, But On The Right Track

Altice USA: Don't Buy Into 22% Rebound Since Q2 Results

Zoetis: Strong Q2 Underlying Growth But Hit By Strong U.S. Dollar

Admiral: H1 Results Show Why It Is The Best UK Motor Insurance Stock

Admiral: Reviewing Competitor Results Ahead Of H1 Report

Meta Platforms: Mixed Q2 But Slowly Getting Better

PayPal: Mid-Teens Underlying Growth In Q2, Margin Expansion Guided Ahead

Fund Manager Comments on Inflation/Valuation Risks, Meta Platforms & Bank of America

Charter: Don't Worry About Q2 Internet Net Add Miss

Mastercard: Consumer Strength & Travel Recovery Continued In Q2

Altria: Why Investors Should Look Past Q2 Revenue And Profit Decline

Microsoft: Reassuring Q4 FY22 Results & New FY23 Outlook

Alphabet: Q2 Double-Digit Revenue Growth Confirms Resilience

Unilever: H1 Showed Inflation Impact, Earnings Should Improve After H2

Swedish Match: Q2 Showed Standalone Potential, But No Clear Path To Realize It

Verizon: Q2 Better Than AT&T's, But Not Good Enough

AT&T: Poor Business Quality Exposed By Q2 Macro Headwinds

Philip Morris: Remarkably Strong Q2 Excluding Currency & Russia

Bank of America: Clear Buy After Q2 Shows Net Interest Income Accelerating

Fund Manager Comments on Tech Valuations, PayPal, Expedia and Admiral

JPMorgan: Strong Q2 Points To $192 Exit By 2025

Lloyds: 5% Dividend Yield & <10x P/E On Undemanding Assumptions

Rightmove: Strong Business, Undervalued Due To U.K. Macro Concerns

News Corp: High-Quality Assets Suffering Conglomerate Discount

American Express: 30% Down From Peak But Still Not Cheap

Henkel: Weaknesses In Consumer Assets Exposed By High Inflation

ANSYS: 40% Down From Peak But Still Too Expensive

Altria: No Reason To Panic On Rumored FDA Ban On Juul

Admiral: Stock Cheapest Since March 2020 Even As U.K. Motor Cycle Turns

Diageo: Long-Term Compounder Down 23% From Peak

Fund Manager Comments: Jim Chanos Interview on Bloomberg

AT&T: New Standalone Company, Same Structural Risks; Avoid

Kone: Adjusting To The End Of China's Construction Boom

British American Tobacco: No Change In Guidance After H1; 6.2% Dividend Yield

Librarian's Weekly Twitter Highlights

Librarian Capital's Monthly Top Buys & Price Moves - June 2022

Comcast: Shares Climbing Back After Q1 2022 Results

Librarian's Weekly Twitter Highlights

Visa: Under-Appreciated Resilience & Growth After Q2 FY22

Intuit: Strong Q3 Results Confirmed Structural Growth & Resilience

Verizon: Look Past Mixed Q1, Focus On 9x P/E & 5% Dividend Yield

Librarian's Weekly Twitter Highlights

Zoetis: Animal Health Leader Now Cheapest Since April 2021

Intuit: Shares Halved Since November Despite Strong Q2 FY22 Results

Imperial Brands: Fundamentals Worsening Despite 7.7% EPS Growth In H1 FY22

Raytheon: Solid Q1 Results Despite Temporary Headwinds; Buy

Swedish Match: Good Q1, But Upside Capped By Philip Morris Offer

Altice USA: Signs Of Stabilization In Q1, Still Too Speculative

Estée Lauder: Temporary China Disruption Since Q3 FY22 Presents Bargain

PayPal: Q1 Resets Expectations & Points To Bottom

Charter: Cheaper Than In March 2020 After Q1 Results

Mastercard: Strong Double-Digit Growth In Q1, Despite Losing Russia

Altria: Stable Q1 Even As Macro Worsened; 6.6% Dividend Yield

Meta Platforms Stock: What Is The 2025 Forecast?

Microsoft: Rebounding After Strong Q3 FY22 Results But Still Cheap

Alphabet: Shares Fell After 20% Growth in Q1, Now At 19x P/E

Philip Morris: Q1 Rebased Earnings Lower But Kept Same Growth Targets

Bank of America: Profits Continued Upwards Trend in Q1 2022

JPMorgan: Upgrade To Buy After 27% Correction & Reassuring Q1 Results

Librarian Capital's Monthly Top Buys & Price Moves - April 2022

AT&T vs. Verizon: Which Is The Better Buy?

Philip Morris: Cutting Forecasts After Plans To Exit Russia; Reiterate Buy

Pernod Ricard: Upgrade To Buy As Spirits Sales Recovery Continues

Fund Manager Comments: Fundsmith 2022 AGM Notes

Root: Shares Up 53% Last Week And Still Trading Below Cash - But Avoid

KONE: Structural Compounder Down 32% From Peak After Inflation, China Fears

Imperial Brands: Headwinds Gathering, Avoid Its 8.8% Dividend Yield

Comcast: Cable Is Stable And Drives Group Earnings Growth; 26% Below Peak

Swedish Match: No U.S. Cigars IPO (For Now), Still Doubling Potential

L'Oréal: Upgrade To Buy After 22% Correction From Peak

Estée Lauder: Beauty Stock On Sale After 26% Fall Since January

Admiral: Cyclical Fears Overblown, Compounding Long-Term With 5.6% Dividend Yield

Librarian Capital's Monthly Top Buys And Price Moves - March 2022

PayPal Vs. Block: Which Stock Is A Better Buy? PayPal Is Far Ahead

Ansys: 4% Bounce After Q4 Results, Still 25% Below Peak

PayPal Vs. Mastercard Stock: Which Is The Better Buy?

Altice USA: Now 70% Below Peak After More Bad News From Q4

Zoetis: Upgrade To Buy After 22% Fall From Peak & Strong Q4

Swedish Match: Potential To Double After ZYN Widened Its U.S. Lead In Q4

Fund Manager Comments on Market Correction, Netflix, Tech Stocks & "Failed Experiments"

British American Tobacco: Solid 2021 Earnings Driven By U.S. Business

Philip Morris: Strong Q4 With Progress In Key Next Gen Products

Raytheon: Strong Q4 Finish, On Track To Deliver 2025 Targets

PayPal: New Strategy, Same 2025 Earnings Target - No Need To Panic

Meta Platforms: Not As Bad As It Looks After Q4 Results And 26% Correction

American Express: A Buy Or Sell After Recent Earnings?

Alphabet: Q4 Showed Strong Growth Will Continue Post COVID

Librarian Capital Monthly Portfolio Update - December 2021

Mastercard: Where Will the Stock Be In 5 Years?

Charter: Solid Q4 Earnings Growth Despite Lower Net Adds

Visa: Strong Q1 FY22 & Raised Outlook Indicate 15%+ EPS Growth

Altria: Q4 Showed Overall Stability But Partial Headwinds

AT&T: Multiple Disappointments In Q4 Results Confirmed Structural Challenges

Microsoft: Boringly Reliable Double-Digit Growth In Q2 FY22

Verizon: Stable Q4 & Strategic Progress Not Priced In At 10x P/E

Block, Inc: Can Stock Bounce Back To October Levels?

Fund Manager Comments on Inflation/Valuation, Visa, Beauty & Consumer Stocks

JPMorgan vs. Bank of America: Which Stock is The Better Investment Now?

Bank of America: Strong Q4 Earnings, On Track To Benefit From 2022 Rate Hikes

Is JPMorgan Stock A Buy Or Sell After Recent Earnings

Reading Highlights: "The Caesars Palace Coup" by Max Frumes & Sujeet Indap

L'Oréal: Still Too Expensive After 8.6% Correction

AT&T: Negative Takeaways From Management Comments At Citi Conference

Intuit: Long-Term Compounder Back To Attractive Valuation After 18% Fall

Librarian Capital's Monthly Top Buys And Price Moves - January 2022